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... 5 years ago
Legend says she never walked again
Dre 5 years ago
Some of y'all are ignorant as hell. If yous have nothing good to say don't comment. The level of maturity and racism is crazy.
Babe 3 years ago
Is it just me or is someone as sad as me that he don’t push the whole meat in her? I mean he is huge but he just use 75% of it I want that whole damn meat in my pussy
WOW 5 years ago
I want to be in her place!!!!!
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Objective 3 years ago
Pls dont get me wrong, I think cocks of all colors are beautiful and so is the diversity in the different people from all walks of life...However has anyone noticed how mostly small sized/petite girls are featured with the black gents? Small/petite girls make any cock look
Insecure fks 5 years ago
When will ppl realise this shit fake af? When will u realise that its shit like this that the rulers set up to create war btween ppl? stop lettin ur insecurities n jealousy guide u on fkt paths
Hah 5 years ago
Fuck the shit out that lil bih
Mina 6 years ago
I love black cock
3 years ago
I need his dick in my life!!!! This bitch is ruining the mood .